Domaine Savary

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Since 1984, the Domain is exploited but Francine and Olivier Savary. It is located between Paris and Dijon, on the best faced hillsides in the Serein valley. The Chablis is the vineyard the northernmost of Burgundy, its unique grape variety is Chardonnay. The Chardonnay is the grape variety of all the Burgundy great wines, named there “Beaunois”. This is the respect of the tradition coupled with modern techniques which enable the vine-growing. Francine and Olivier Savary invite you to taste their success and may be transmit you their passion.

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Savary - Bourgogne Epineuil, 2014

Domaine Savary, Bourgogne

Red, Pinot Noir, 750ml

  Price €19.75

Savary - Chablis, 2018

Domaine Savary, Chablis

White, Chardonnay, 750ml

  Price €23.50