Domaine de l'Abbaye de Fontfroide

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There have been no monks in the abbey of Fontfroide, in the extreme south of France, since 1901. Nevertheless, today, one century after, the same vineyards are cultivated in the traditional way and the owners are as passionate as their predecessors.

Abbey Fontfroide had 25 farmhouses, which concentrated especially on breeding livestock, olives and wine.
In the eleventh century at Fontfroide or, to be more exact, in Saint-Julien de Septime, one of the oldest and closest farmhouses of the abbey, monks grew grapevines, where such varieties as Grenache Noir and Grenache Blanc had already been planted. They produced sweet wines, which could support a sea-voyage, since the wines of Fontfroide were taken all the way to Avignon to be served at the Papal table.