rouzeDomaine Rouzé

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The domain is part of the “Independent Winegrowers of France” organisation. From work in the vineyard to commercialization, the winemakers guarantees, at each stage, the authenticity and the quality of their work.

For several generations, the Rouzé family hase been numbered among the winemakers from Quincy. Currently, the domain is run by Jacques Rouzé and his wife Sylvie. Their children, Adéle and Come, also assist. The domain consists of 13 hectares in Quincy, Sauvignon Blanc planted in soil on siliceous ground, and 2.5 hectares in Reuilly, planted in Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris, in chalky clay. Different parcels offer diverse terroirs, offering them a great deal of freedom in their assembly and in the development of their vintages.