Becker - Muscat Grand Cru Froehn
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Becker - Muscat Grand Cru Froehn, 2005

Domaine Becker

Tasting note: Fresh, complex nose with some acidity that reveals the classic Muscat à petits grains. Off-dry, velvety, smooth, typical, long taste with a charming finish with mint and crushed grapes. Becker makes a lovely, seductive and fresh Muscat of very high standard from a terroir that appears superior for this illusive variety

Wine name: Becker - Muscat Grand Cru Froehn
Classification: AOC
Colour: White
Region: Alsace
Appellation: Grand Cru Frohen
Producer: Domaine Becker
Vintage: 2005
Style: Fruity
Grapes variety: Muscat
Percentage: 100% Muscat
Organic: yes
Ageing Potential: 10 years
Volume: 750ml
Alcohol content: 12,5%
Serving Temperature: 10-12